E-Zhasyl is a company specializing in the supply of technologies for processing waste into energy, without polluating emissions.

Our process is called Meriolysis.

In addition, we have another business line that completely works with efficient construction.

There is an economic value hidden in the waste that today is, in general, ¨extracted ¨ in a way that emits gases and pollutes.

Meriolysis is unique and creates a circular economy, where waste again has a value.

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    Is able to process different kind of wastes, together or separately, for example:

    Solid household waste

    Leachable precipitation

    Plastic waste

    Hospital waste

    Rubber - tire

    Fuel derivatives

    Waste animal husbandry

    Agricultural leftovers and a long, etc.

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    Our technology cannot process inert waste: glass, metal and stone (Pottery, ceramics, concrete, etc.).

    Depending on the type of waste, there are various previous processes prior to the Meriolysis.

    The main steps to be taken before Meriolysis are:

      Sorting up the waste  



    The only requirement, almost necessary, is that all wastes are pre-granulated.

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    Thermal Decompostation

    The process of Meriolysis is divided into two parts:

      Thermodecompostion of the granules  

      Gasification and cleaning of the gas  


    The first part of the technology takes place in a blue box, which processes the granules by heating up to 800 degrees with an anaerobic atmosphere in the chamber. The blue box does not allow any emission and at the end of the process, the result is coal. The second part of our technology, the gasifier, processes, cleans Synthetic gases, obtained by using the blue box.

    At the last stage, the products obtained as a result of merolysis can be converted into energy (caloric or electric).

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    Types of energy and products received

    The result of Meriolysis are:

      Synthetic gas - Coal - Heating  

    Crude oil in a similar form for fuel transportation Fertilizers

    From these products you get:

      Electricity - Oil products  

    The resulting products are directly dependent on the waste that is processed.

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    Meriolysis around the world

    Meriolysis produces almost no emissions and pollutes the environment.

    The Meriolysis technology is fully compliant with all European Union emissions and pollution standards.

    Meriolysis is a very profitable alternative to waste management.

    VS Elektroservis , SoroznoEco and E-Zhasyl in the process of implementing waste management projects in countries such as:

      Spain - Slovakia - Kazakhstan - Chile - Mexico - Dubai  

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